About Daniel

“Hello, I am Daniel Abreo and I was born in the USA,” he tells a suspicious audience, puzzled by his accent. But Daniel goes on to explain that he was born in Uruguay South America or the USA. The audience begins to laugh and they are immediately drawn to him. They begin to sit up and lean forward ready to take in one of the most heartfelt and inspirational messages they will ever hear. It’s the story of how he overcame obstacles to live the American dream and how each and every one of us can make small changes to catapult us toward our goals and our dreams.

Daniel followed his childhood sweetheart to Cleveland in 1979, unable to speak a word of English, but filled with enthusiasm energy and a burning desire to be part of the American Dream. Today the Abreo’s had been married for 40 wonderful years, and have three children all of them graduated from College, they are also happily married, with one grandchild and one on the way.

In 1981 he started working part-time with a Sales Company where he learned about self-help and personal growth. In 1983 he started a career with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. But his passion for speaking was already there.

Trained by Dale Carnegie, he gained experience through Toastmasters International and has gone on to speak with countless audiences ranging from small groups to a crowd of more than 10.000. He has spoken at the Quicken loans Arena Twice.  He Has been featured in newspapers and radio, and anyone who spends just a few minutes with him is drawn to his warmth, genuine love for America and his belief that anyone can make their dreams come true.

He speaks at public and private events and is active in the community, generously giving his time to groups like Madd, police programs, schools and churches.

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Source: Hispanic Ohio