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After 37 years of research in the field of psychology, motivation and inspiration, Daniel will show you the key to a happier and richer life, and how you and your team can become more productive!

On a beautiful July 4, 1997, Daniel expressed what he thinks about this great Country, at the Euclid High school Stadium to a crowd of over 10,000. Daniel said ” this speech is my gift back to the American people, enjoy it.”

  • Featured in The Plain Dealer and on W.E.R.E 1300 AM, Ohiohispanic.com magazine.
  • Find out why companies like Amway and Primerica Financial Services, Quicken Loans, Lake Erie Monsters, find Daniel to be invaluable.
  • Daniel has helped to transform countless lives through his work with MADD, law enforcement and school systems.
  • Daniel has been happily married for 44 years and has 3 children, all graduated from College, they are also happily married, and five grandchildren.

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